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Thomas Campaign Again Calls on Pestka to Fix Inaccurate Statements on Environmental Record


August 3, 2012
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Thomas Campaign Again Calls on Pestka to Fix Inaccurate Statements on Environmental Record


Pestka continues to claim "consistent" 100% rating from League of Conservation Voters; in fact, received 55% in first term, the 3rd lowest score of any Democrat in his first term in Congress

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In debates, Pestka called failing grade "not accurate" and again claimed "100%"; continues to misrepresent his environmental record on his website. See the scorecard here:



Cate Edwards: "Trevor is a member of our generation who we can count on to stand up for fairness, equality and opportunity for every generation....Trevor is an openly gay, pro-choice, pro-environment progressive who understands first-hand the unique challenges young Americans face today.  He is exactly the kind of candidate we should be standing up to support."

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH - Trevor Thomas' campaign for Congress today again called for Steve Pestka to stop inaccurately claiming that he "consistently had a 100% rating" from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV).  In fact, the LCV scorecard from Mr. Pestka's only full term in office before he began running for another position showed him with a 55% rating, which the Grand Rapids Press noted at the time was the 3rd lowest of any Democrat in the state legislature.  Mr. Pestka was notified of this inaccuracy in debates taped on July 16th and 17th, one of which is airing tonight and Sunday on WGVU.

"Mr. Pestka continues to misrepresent his record on the environment, and although this was corrected more than two weeks ago, he still has not fixed his website or rescinded his absolute denial the 55% failing grade," said Clint Wallace, campaign manager to Trevor Thomas. "Trevor Thomas will fight for the environment, and he'll always be straight with voters and constituents about his record."

While in the state legislature, Mr. Pestka joined Republicans and challenged the Clinton Administration by voting against a bill endorsing the Kyoto Protocol, a key treaty to address global warming.  In addition to hiding his past environmental voting record, in debates against Trevor Thomas, Mr. Pestka deflected inquiries about his investments in major oil companies and fracking efforts that the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental groups have opposed.  Mr. Pestka has not made any public statement to date on his position on fracking in West Michigan.  The company he owns stock in is investing $2.2 in a fracking projects, including here in Michigan.

Trevor Thomas' comprehensive policy plan includes eight key priorities to protect Michigan's environment: 

1. Eliminate Tax Subsidies for Big Oil

2. Protect the Great Lakes by Combatting Invasive Species

3. Regulate Oil Pipelines to Protect Our Natural Resources

4. Federal Support for Renewable Energy Sources

5. A Call for Action on Carbon Pollution and Climate Change

6. Fight Fracking that Threatens Our Water Supply and Hurts Property Values

7. Invest in Michigan as a Leader in Wind Power

8. Encourage West Michigan's Growth as the Lithium Battery Capital of the Nation

Details are available here and here.

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