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BREAKING: Struggling to Compete, Steve Pestka Turns to Negative Ads Fabricating Thomas's Record


July 13, 2012
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BREAKING: Struggling to Compete, Steve Pestka Turns to Negative Ads Fabricating Thomas's Record 

Pestka lies to seniors about Thomas's sensible plan to strengthen Social Security and fight against privatization


Defamatory statements are not substantiated


GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Trevor Thomas's campaign for Congress released the following statement and fact check in response to an attack ad Steve Pestka released today. Additionally, counsel for the Thomas campaign sent notice to stations broadcasting the advertisement advising that the advertisement constitutes defamation under Michigan Law and requesting that the stations require substantiation and cease running the spots immediately.

"Mr. Pestka is struggling as my campaign has some 6,000 people engaged and is standing up to the politics of the past. His level of spending on negative ads to defeat our grassroots movement - rather than Justin Amash - is unprecedented. Mr. Pestka has taken to a new low after his numbers started sinking when folks were told he received a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood for voting to strip the group's funding.  My jobs and policy plan makes clear that I will not raise the retirement age for any senior, especially when my own parents are on Social Security, and I'll fight against privatization and other attempts to undermine Social Security,"  said Trevor Thomas.

"Steve Pestka clearly sees that when primary voters know the truth, they will vote for Trevor Thomas by wide margins," said Clint Wallace, Campaign Manager. "For Mr. Pestka to spend $80,000 to lie to seniors shows he's desperate and wants to distract from his 0% rating from Planned Parenthood, and obscure the fact that Trevor is the only candidate who has the energy, ideas and enthusiasm to beat Justin Amash in November."




THE CLAIM: "They paid into Social Security their whole lives, with the promise it would be there for them. But now Trevor Thomas wants to break that promise."  / chyron "Trevor Thomas: Break the Promise of Social Security"

THE TRUTH: The text of the Thomas policy plan that Pestka cites reads: " I believe that those folks who are currently relying on Social Security or are approaching that time should know that their benefits will not be altered."

THE CLAIM: "He supports raising the Social Security retirement age, forcing seniors to work for years more."  / chyron "Trevor Thomas: Raise the Retirement Age"

THE TRUTH: As the Thomas plan makes clear, he believes that for future generations - only people who are forty years old and under - adjustments to Social Security will be necessary in order to strengthen the system.  Thomas makes explicit that he would not alter benefits for anyone on Social Security or approaching retirement, or for anyone remotely close to approaching retirement age.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Trevor Thomas has put forward a plan to create jobs, address the national debt, protect women's access to health care, and deal with the most important issues facing our nation.  That plan includes a commitment to fight to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.  Steve Pestka has no plan, and now he is threatening our seniors with falsehoods.  

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