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Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm


"I remember traveling to Grand Rapids with Trevor as we visited with members of the media and highlighted issues like our No Worker Left Behind program to help Michigan workers transition to a global economy. What has always struck me about Trevor, from that first time he introduced himself in our campaign office, and now five years later, is his passion for public service and his unwavering love for Michigan. We need Trevor, and people like him, who have the energy, the dedication, and the passion for serving the people who elect them."

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Planned Parenthood

"[Trevor has] been a strong supporter of women's health and we know [he] will continue to be a dedicated advocate for our organization." - Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Former Kent County Commissioner W. Paul Mayhue Sr.

Paul Mayhue

"While I know that his opponent has enough money to buy the election, the informed electorate should not be lulled to sleep by the person that can write the biggest check. The Move to Amend Movement, as we speak, are getting signatures to amend the national constitution so that regular Americans can have a say in Government. I believe that Trevor Thomas can help to bring some civility back to government and deliver on the promise to restore the American Dream of which, for some, has turned into a nightmare especially in the African American Community. I encourage you and your friends to go to the polls on August 7 and cast your vote for Trevor Thomas. "

IBEW Local 275

ibew275 welcome logo2

"IBEW Local 275 is proud to support Trevor Thomas in his campaign for the 3rd Congressional District Representative and we fully support him. We believe he shares our values and will be the best candidate to take on U.S. Rep. Justin Amash. There will be a lot of difficult decisions over the next two years, and Trevor is the right person to cast those votes with the citizens of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District in mind." - Sean Egan, Secretary of IBEW Local 275

The National Organization for Women

NOW logo

"Michigan NOW enthusiastically recommended Trevor Thomas to the national office because he is fighting for the right things, and he's the only candidate standing up for a woman's right to choose and women's access to health care. We are thrilled with the national group's endorsement, and we are ready to help Trevor win on August 7th, and in the general election." - Bobbie Walton, President of Michigan NOW

Progressive Women's Alliance of West Michigan


"West Michigan deserves a leader who will accurately represent the diverse, innovative community that is West Michigan. PWA supports progressive candidates, and in Trevor we see an energetic, homegrown visionary who will rally for public education and job training, embrace and protect the rights of all people in our community, fight for Michigan’s workers, and create a Michigan that’s a good place to live for all of us."

Former Lt. Gov. John Cherry

Lt Gov Cherry 290

"Trevor's parents worked a combined 60 years on the lines of General Motors so he could have the chance to go to college, and now he is fighting for us all in his bid for Congress. Trevor has worked to pass major federal legislation in support of our troops and he put party aside to get the job done. This is the fresh and progressive leadership we need today."

Former Grand Rapids City Commissioner Mary Alice Williams (Campaign Co-Chair)

Mary Alice Williams

"I support Trevor Thomas for Congress, a newcomer on the political scene who is willing to work hard on the issues that matter in Michigan’s Third District. Trevor has been able to garner respect from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike because he's honest about who he is and where he stands; and that's missing in politics today. Because of his roots he is fighting for working class families. Because of his convictions he is strong ally of women and their concerns for access to health care, employment opportunities and pay equity.”

Former Kent County GOP Chair Bob Eleveld (Campaign Co-Chair)


“He’s not going to be anybody else but what he is to get votes. He’s just going to be Trevor. He thinks for himself. In terms of energy, [his opponents are] not going to touch him."

Ionia Mayor Dan Balice


"West Michigan needs a representative who will fight for us, and Trevor is the fighter in this race. To unseat the incumbent, a Democrat is going to have to work harder than ever, and Trevor has what it takes. He'll bring that fight to Washington, and he will help our community because he's standing up for our values. I'm giving Trevor my full support and will work to help him win the primary on August 7th."

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)

220px RalGrijalva

“On the important progressive issues of our time - protecting and expanding access to quality, affordable health care, on fighting back against Republican attempts to slash social services and balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and working families, and ensuring that every American can serve our country, regardless of sexual orientation - Trevor has fought for the people of America. Trevor's leadership in Michigan and his record of success make me eager to work with him in Congress.”

Former Lowell Mayor Charles Myers

Charles Myers

"Trevor is committed to West Michigan and he'll fight for policies that make sense. He's got my backing because he'll fight for what's right, and he'll be a true advocate for the people of West Michigan and our communities."

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)

barney frank

"I am endorsing Trevor Thomas because I think he is the best Democrat to beat the incumbent Republican and to serve the district. Trevor has shown he'll put in the work to win a tough race, and that's what a Democrat will need to do to win in the fall."

Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend


"My family has fought for the same things that Trevor is standing up for in West Michigan. I'm supporting Trevor Thomas because he is a fighter for the most important democratic positions. He's pro-choice and he'll fight for women's access to health care. He's pro-environment, and he'll fight for the Great Lakes. He was the first in his family to attend college, and he's fighting for working class families to have the same kind of opportunities he has had."

Former Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA)


"Trevor Thomas is a passionate public servant who will stand up for middle class families and fight for the people he represents. A member of Congress needs to be able to work with people of different views. The repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell didn't just happen - it required extensive legwork and a willingness to reach across party lines. We would not have succeeded in repealing this discriminatory policy without Trevor. He showed the kind of dedication and commitment we should expect from a member of Congress. In this age of partisanship and rancor, West Michigan - and America - need Trevor Thomas in Congress."

Cate Edwards, Daughter of Elizabeth & John Edwards

Cate Edwards

"Trevor is a member of our generation who we can count on to stand up for fairness, equality and opportunity for every generation....Trevor is an openly gay, pro-choice, pro-environment progressive who understands first-hand the unique challenges young Americans face today. He is exactly the kind of candidate we should be standing up to support."

Former West Michigan Congressional Candidate Fred Johnson (D-MI)

Fred Johnson 200x300

"Establishment insiders told him to wait. Skeptics said it was a waste of time. Trevor had the guts to listen to everyday people who want a Congressman who’ll truly have their interests as his top priority. He knows the issues and he’s fighting for the middle class. He’s fighting for the 99%. I know courage, determination, and vision when I see it, and I endorse Trevor Thomas as he works to make sure that working families and people finally have a Congressman who’ll work for them."

Vice Chair of Congressional Progressive Caucus Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME)


“Trevor has a great history as a progressive champion, and I’m excited to endorse his campaign for Congress. Trevor's leadership in passing one of the most important pro-equality laws of our time, and his efforts to expand access to affordable health care, are just what Congress needs to start working again. I look forward to fighting for working families alongside him in Congress.”

Equality Michigan Pride PAC


"Trevor Thomas will be a terrific advocate for equality in Congress. His accomplishments and record for taking tough, public stands on key issues will serve those who still feel the effects of discrimination in this country well. He's put together a strong campaign on the ground here in West Michigan, and we hope EqMI Pride PAC supporters will become an enthusiastic a part of that effort leading into the primary." - Amy Hunter, President of Equality Michigan Pride PAC

Blue America Political Action Committee


Blue America, the organization that endorsed Congressman Mark Schauer to his win in Battle Creek, now is standing with Trevor. "Blue America Welcomes Trevor Thomas (D-MI). Trevor Thomas is running for Congress in west Michigan's 3rd CD, which is mostly based in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek and has traditionally been a mainstream type of district. Amash is a bad fit for the district... Trevor, of course, is a 100% pro-Choice candidate, like every Blue America-backed candidate."

Democracy for America - Michigan


"Democracy for America is founded on the idea that people can power campaigns and Trevor has proven that he can motivate people to get involved and to take action for the greater good. Already more than 4,000 people have jumped on board through social networking and giving small dollar donations, which make up an impressive 88 percent of his contributors." - Jim Kruer, Michigan organizer, Democracy for America

National Stonewall Democrats

NationalStonewallDemocrats logo

"Trevor Thomas has put his values into action. He was a key player working on behalf of service members to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' which is a banner accomplishment for equality in America. As someone who has already worked with policymakers from both parties to pass important legislation, Trevor has shown that he has what it takes to be an effective member of Congress." - Jerame Davis, Executive Director of the National Stonewall Democrats