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About Trevor

Born in Grand Rapids to working class parents

The son of two autoworkers, Trevor Thomas knows the values of hard work, family, and playing by the rules. In the 1930s, his grandfather and grandmother met at The Globe Factory on Commerce Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids. A generation later, Trevor’s dad and mom would meet on the lines of the General Motors diesel plant in Wyoming with his mom giving 30 years and his dad 34.

A family with a history of service, Trevor’s two sisters and brother grew up like everybody else in the neighborhood, proud of the things made right here at home. With Irish-Catholic roots, they attended church at St. Mary’s and Holy Trinity in Alpine. Trevor served eight years as an altar boy. Trevor's brother, Ricky, signed up to serve in the Armed Forces at 18, just like Trevor's dad and grandfather.

Telling stories from our community

Trevor found his way to pay it forward by pursing journalism and sharing the stories of the underdogs. The first in his family to go to college, he worked for WOOD-TV 8 and WGVU-TV 35 while taking classes at Grand Valley State. In his five years of working for the two stations, Trevor helped cover state and national stories, including the 2004 presidential election, the 2002 state gubernatorial election, and the attacks on September 11th.

After college, many of Trevor’s peers struggled to find jobs and were leaving the state. Factories were closing and unemployment rising. Trevor wanted to be directly involved and went to work for Governor Jennifer Granholm’s re-election campaign and later her executive office, promoting programs like “No Worker Left Behind” to help Michigan workers transition to a global economy.

A fighter for opportunity and fairness

Coming from a family of veterans, Trevor believed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law -- which barred lesbian and gay troops from serving with honesty and integrity -- was wrong and hurt our national security. He worked for a coalition of groups and directed a communications campaign that helped improve public opinion and garner grassroots support from people in key states, including a youth outreach plan that was lead by Lady Gaga.

While working for a legal services group known as Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, Trevor provided counsel to service members looking to tell their stories while still wanting to serve their country. He often negotiated with national media outlets to insure that active-duty service members could share their stories without exposing themselves to risk. In December of 2010, after months of negotiations and failed votes, the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ law was repealed with bipartisan support.

A believer in ‘Jerry Ford’ values

As Trevor passionately explained in his announcement, "It’s no secret Michigan has been hardest hit by our struggling economy, and our lawmakers in Washington continue to play politics with our future. I believe that’s wrong. I believe it’s time for us to return to the values of Jerry Ford, who put party aside to do what was best for our country," he said.

"Our parents’ generation helped put the world on wheels and the furniture in our living rooms, and now it is our time to fight for fairness, equality, and opportunity for all of us. I’ve spent my life working to raise up the voices of those who haven’t been heard and who haven’t had a fair shot at opportunity – and that’s what this campaign is all about."

"I think our campaign is different in a number of ways. I didn't want this video to be a bunch of talking points. I didn't want to talk directly to the camera as it doesn't feel real to me. I wanted to take you on a journey and so my friends and I grabbed a camera and went for a drive.  I was able to introduce folks to the places that have helped shape my life.  And I wanted to let you see for yourself what is driving me to run this campaign." -Trevor


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