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Trevor's Plan

A Plan for West Michigan by Democrat Trevor Thomas

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A Message From Trevor


The following pages contain an extensive explanation of the policies I support, legislation I will work to enact, and issues I will fight to advance as your Congressman, serving Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District. This is a new approach, because this is a new kind of campaign – I am putting these ideas out there to discuss them with the community. In fact, much of this plan is based on the conversations I’ve already had with many of you during this campaign and over past years.

The plan reflects my roots growing up in a working class family here in West Michigan, and the values of my parents who each worked 30 years for GM. The plan reflects the service of my brother father and grandfather in our nation’s armed forces, and my belief that we should not forget those who have served. The plan reflects my years as a student at Grand Valley State University and in West Michigan public schools, where I witnessed the importance of good teachers and affordable educational opportunities. The plan reflects my work as a journalist here in West Michigan, listening to and telling the stories of this community. Finally, the plan reflects my policy and communications background, including my work on policies like the No Worker Left Behind job training program here in Michigan, and my work on the federal repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” — which I helped to get enacted with support from Democrats and Republicans alike.

As I travel around Michigan’s 3rd District, I’ve been inspired by the enthusiasm, energy, and plain optimism of the people I’ve met about the issues we face. Our economy is still struggling and unemployment remains far too high, but the people of West Michigan truly believe that there are better days ahead for our state, and our nation.

Two things in particular are abundantly clear. First, we need a plan that reflects the strengths and challenges facing of our community, not some out-of-touch ideology or worn out talking points. Second, we need someone in Congress who has the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference for our community. There’s no time to waste - we need someone in Congress who is ready to fight with everything we can muster, and who will stand up for the things that matter most to our district.

In an attempt to provide the most transparent resource possible, this plan includes the positions I’ve previously stated both publicly and in private meetings. If there is an issue of particular importance to you that is not covered in this document, please email me at – I will make sure that I give thoughtful consideration to what you have to say, and that my campaign sends you a response. Together, we’ll keep working on updating this plan to reflect the values and priorities of West Michigan and this campaign.

Take a look around – you won’t see many, if any, Congressional candidates release a plan like this. Few candidates are willing to make a written record of their promises and commitments that they can be held to later. Many try to promise different things to different people, telling different groups what they want to hear. That’s not may way. It’s my belief that candidates should be direct and open, and those elected should be held accountable. I’ve been discussing this plan with folks in the community and I’m looking forward to doing more of that over the months ahead. Whether or not you share my views, I think we can make progress through dialogue. This is my plan, but this is also our plan – together we can make it happen.


Trevor Thomas


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